A Quiz App using FlutterFlow and Firebase

QuizApp FlutterFlow

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Project info

  • This project is a FlutterFlow showcase app with the following features: Firebase database, Animation, and Custom Page Transitions.
  • The app runs on Android, iOS and Web.
  • The app is built using Flutter stable and latest Dart version.
  • The app is built using the FlutterFlow


QuizApp FlutterFlow

How to run the app

  • Clone the project.
git clone https://github.com/ruslan-volkhov-ew/quizApp-FlutterFlow.git
  • Open the project.
cd your_name_here
  • Get packages.
flutter pub get
  • Configure firebase project with flutterfire.
flutterfire configure

At this point you should be able to run the app on your device or emulator.

Firebase hosting

  1. In order to deploy this app to Firebase hosting, follow these commands
  • Login to firebase.
firebase login
  • Initialize firebase.
firebase init
  • Choose account, then choose Hosting as an option.
  • Select Firebase project
  • Select public directory for your hosting build/web (default)
  • Configure as a single-page app
  • Build the project if you haven’t yet
flutter build web
  • Deploy to firebase.
firebase deploy

Created by Ruslan Volkhov

Extrawest.com, 2023


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