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A Flutter plugin that checks if your Flutter iOS app is being run on an Apple Silicon Mac

A powerful Flutter package that allows you to easily create and control glitch effects

Adds a didInitState lifecycle method to stateful widgets

Croppy-A New Flutter Image Cropper Package

Animated dialog and platform detected dialog from Flutter-flutter_icon_dialog

flutter_scroll_to_top || A wrapper to show a scroll to top prompt to the user on ScrollView widgets

A custom modal bottom sheet for your Flutter app

a pure dart library for reading, writing large xml

A Flutter App To manage all your tasks with firebase backend

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Vue 3 muscle group selector component

Cached: Simple Flutter package with build-in code generation

Widgets The HeartOverlay widget can be used to create a fun and interactive overlay

A normal one page app that display the two cards and network image

A Flutter app that detects a plant's disease given a photo of an affected part of the plant

A tool designed to provide 3D artists with the ability to view and work on their digital creations

A flutter plugin to integrate awesome Android / iOS camera experience

A Flutter widget that oversizes its child by the given padding

A flutter widget for view EPUB documents on all platforms

A flutter text input widget for visually typing separated lists, such as a list of email recipients

Assignment for creating twitter profile page using flutter stack widget

A Draggable FAB wrapper widget which can dragged to any edge of the screen

A simple flutter input widget to add @ mentions functionality to your app

Custom Animated Widgets for Flutter

Widget to add shortcuts on your Flutter applications

A Flutter widget for rendering HTML5 and CSS3 as Flutter widgets

A flutter plugin which provides Crop widget for cropping images

A small plugin for interfacing with the very limited parts of WidgetKit

Flutter Basic Widgets OOP Dart Implementation GDSC training

Progress A Flutter widget pack aims to show a reactive style animation progress bar

A Flutter package for creating customizable selector wheel widgets

A flutter package that provide basic utils like Themes and Error Handler Widget

A Flutter widgets organized based on Atomic Design principles to build apps at scale

A Flutter widget that provides a sleek and customizable interface

A finance app to help you track your expenses and manage money more effectively

A flutter module receiving and returning parameters between native Android and iOS

A Zoom Clone application using Flutter

An Ecommerce App using REST API in Flutter

An effective mobile application project for psychologists to provide better service to their customers


A simple Page Turn Widget for Flutter