ModularUI: Ready-Made, Beautiful Flutter Widgets for Effortless Design

Flutter-Powered Thumbnail Maker App

Nitrite Database: Flutter's NoSQL Embedded Document Store

Flutter Package: Enhance Attendance Tracking with a Custom Widget Ruler

Efficient Time Planning: Building a Scheduler with Flutter and Firebase

Simplify Management: Flutter-Built Admin Dashboard for Effortless Control

Interactive Learning: Crafting a Quiz Application in Flutter with GetX

Real-time Binance API Updates: Visualize Market Trends with Candlestick Displays in Our App

Revolutionize Clipboard Management on Linux Desktops with Cutting-edge Software

Simplify Dart & Flutter Project Extraction with this Command-Line Tool for GitHub Repositories

Streamlined Logging for Flutter Apps: Integrated UI and Optional Debug Page for Enhanced Power and Simplicity

Customizable Text Display Widget: Flutter Package for Tailored Text Presentation

Interactive 3D Model Rendering in GLB and glTF Formats: A Flutter Package

Flutter App Mimicking Bluesky: Powered by the Bluesky Package and Running on AT Protocol

Efficient Logging Management Extension for Enhanced Logging Package

Enhanced hemend_logger Package Extension for Asynchronous Logging

List Practice of Flutter Weather App

A Flutter Package Simplifying Access to Application Cache Size

TaskHub: A Task, Notes, and Agenda Management App Inspired by Trello

Enhance Your Gaming Experience with a Cross-Platform, Free Trainers Launcher

AYYAN App Installation Guide: Navigating the Google Play Store

AYYAN App Installation Guide: Navigating the Google Play Store

Cultivating Mental Wellbeing through Technology

Android Music Player for Music Aficionados with Offline Support

Advanced Open-Source Editor: A Windows Alternative

Flutter-Powered Content Recommendation Feature

Flutter-Compatible ONNX Runtime

Efficient Hive Data Management: CLI Interface for Visualization and Control

Dart and Flutter-Powered Mobile To-Do App: Organize Tasks with Ease

Efficient Workspace Manager and Swift Launcher for Linux Desktops

Effortless, Advanced, and Swift Internationalization for Flutter Apps

Efficient Order Processing App: Building with Flutter, Dart, Firebase, and GetX

Flutter-Powered IrTwitch: Elevating Your Streaming Experience

Resonite: Your Ultimate Contacts App for Android

Mastering Cross Axis and Main Axis in Flutter's Column and Row Widgets with this Web App

Automated Loading Widget Generation Package for Custom Widgets

Empower Your Flutter App with a Customizable Soft Keyboard Package

Customizable Autocomplete Search Field: Flutter Package for Enhanced User Experience

A clean and contemporary dashboard designed for FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) teams

A flexible pie chart widget crafted for Flutter applications

A Flutter-based Lemmy client

Top Flutter Tools Every Developer Should Know in 2023

A Bible study application crafted using Flutter

Streamline authentication and session control in your Flutter application through seamless Firebase integration

User-Friendly UI Logger Logs Display Flutter Package

A Flutter application for generating checks and receipts, incorporating C# and .NET functionalities

This Flutter package seeks to simplify the management of localization files.

Flutter Version Manager: Empowering Seamless Installations and Upgrades

Automated Expense Tracking through Receipt Scanning

Discover the perfect balance of simplicity and power with our chat app, crafted with Flutter and backed by Firebase

Enhance your Scrcpy experience on Windows with our user-friendly Flutter-based Simple Scrcpy Manager, now accessible through Command Prompt

A simple Flutter app which allows you to track your expenses

Instagram Assets Picker Or Image Picker | A flutter image picker based on Instagram picker UI

Tools A Dart package that makes it easy to work with the nostr protocol and develop nostr clients

A Simple Error Logger for Flutter

A sample command-line application with an entrypoint to download large file

A Flutter application with several tools such as generators, formatters and converters for developers